TOURIST / VISITOR VISA / onshore student visa information

Below is detailed information for getting a Tourist / Visitor Visa / Changing from Visitor to Student Visa once arrived in Australia (onshore).

The following information has been updated as of February 22, 2022. The following information is subject to change without prior notice in accordance with changes in exchange rates, institutions, and regulations.

(Original document scanned in colour, in JPEG / PDF format, high resolution or at least 150 DPI, medium quality) 

Note: It is recommended to apply for a tourist visa together with other applicants. Not submitting an application as a SOLO Traveler, because the risk of a visa being rejected as a SOLO Traveler is higher.

  1. Passport, scanned front page, back page with signature.
  2. Passport, all pages with arrival / departure visitor stamps (at least you have to travel to 2 other countries which require visa, such as to Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, etc.).
  3. Old passport, scanned front page and pages with arrival / departure visitor stamps.
  4. Recent profile / passport size colour photo (in digital form / scanned) with white background (clear photo, with neat appearance, minimum size: 3.5cm x 4.5cm, larger is allowed).
  5. National Identity Card / ID Card / IC.
  6. Birth Certificate. 
  7. Family Card / Family Registration Certificate.
  8. Certificate of Name Change / Change of Name Certificate (if applicable).
  9. Marriage Certificate (if applicable).
  10. Saving account bank statement for the last 3 months (minimum of funds deposited in the account is AUD 7,000.00 equivalent per person). If you go with your parents, the minimum fund in your parent’s saving account is AUD 20,000.00 equivalent.
  11. Latest bank reference letter.
  12. Information on sources of income / current employment:
    • If you have a business, attach Business Registration License / Letter. 
    • If working, attach a work reference and work leave letter and payslip for the last 3 months. Minimum payslip is equivalent of AUD 800.00 per month (more is better).
    • If you are still study (student), attach a student card or school certificate.
  13. If you have immediate / close family in Australia, please provide invitation letter and documents from relatives in Australia.
  14. If your family is PR / Permanent Resident, please provide Passport + Visa.
  15. If your family is still study, please provide Passport + Visa + COE and proof of family relationship (Birth Certificate or Family Registration Certificate).
  16. Deed of Land / Land Certificate (if any).
  17. Flight tickets, hotel bookings, list of events / itinerary (if any).

Tourist visa price: AUD 330.00 per person (including agent fees, GST included) please transfer to below account:

Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Account name: Inspire Migration
BSB number: 062759
Account number: 10546646
Bank address: World Square Shopping Centre, 10.52C/644 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Please send proof of payment to:

Other documents that will be required for applying for a student visa after arriving in Australia (with a note, on the tourist / visitor visa there is no No Further Stay* condition): 

  1. Academic transcript & certificate.
  2. Resume / CV (education and employment history since high school until now).
  3. Parent’s Deed of Land / Land Certificate (if any, it should be attached in scanned form).
  4. Parent’s Business Registration License / Letter (if any, it should be attached in scanned form).
  5. Not mandatory, preferable if any – IELTS / TOEFL / PTE (min score IELTS academic 4.5 / 5 / 5.5, TOEFL IBT 32 / 35 / 46). English tests can also be done directly at school.
  6. Not mandatory, preferable if any – Parent’s bank reference around AUD 35,000.00 (last balance only, no need to settle) before registering for school / and applying for a student visa.

Selection of majors and institutions can be done in Australia with our staffs. The choice of majors must be reasonable and in accordance with the client’s current background, as well as future career goals in home country.

* If the client gets a No Further Stay condition on his / her tourist / visitor visa, it is recommended to apply for a student visa directly from home country. This condition will only be added by the Australian immigration authorities to the client’s visa, if the immigration officer suspects that the client is planning to apply for another visa from within Australia.

These are the estimate initial costs for obtaining a student visa within Australia (in Australian Dollars):

  1. Visa fee: $659.10 (per person) atau $1,150.89 (with wife / husband) atau $1,313.13 (with wife / husband + 1 child).
  2. Medical check up fee: $346.81 (per person).
  3. Compulsory health insurance (OSHC): from $500.00 per year, depending on the length of the student visa.
  4. Enrolment fee: $0 – $250.00 (depending on the current offers).
  5. Tuition fee for the first 3 months (tuition fee): from $1,200.00 – $1,800.00 per term, every 3 months (depending on the major).
  6. Material fee: $0 – $200.00 per year.

Tuition fee for 3 years study of Diploma + Advanced Diploma of Leadership Management, as follows:
visa fee + medical check up fee + $200.00 (enrolment fee) + $1,200.00 (first 3 months of tuition) + $150.00 (material fee for 1.5 year) + $1,700.00 (health insurance fee for 3 years of study duration) = approximate total initial fee $4,200.00

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